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Choosing the right wallpaper is an essential part of the decoration process. Not only does it express personality, but it also brightens up your space, giving it a fresh new look. It is the answer to boring and dull walls.

And the best part is that you can now put together the best of two worlds: style & convenience. How is that possible?

By using adhesive-application wallpapers. This technique is totally versatile, simple to work with and super easy and quick to install! Forget about all the hard work and mess. That’s in the past. Wallpaper installation is now very straight-forward, customizable and mess-free.

But you must be wondering how to choose the perfect wallpaper for your home.

We will give you some of the best tips to achieve it, by following 3 simple steps.

So, let’s get it started!


Step 1: Application Procedure

At this first stage, you should choose the spot where you want to apply the wallpaper, which can be on one or more walls. We are very pleased to announce that Bramstones uses a revolutionary technology provided by Inkiostro Bianko, also suitable for applications on ceilings, floors and even wet areas such as bathroom interiors, including shower booths.

In order to pick the wallpaper that better suits your space it should, first of all, match the style of your home, which can be classic, industrial, minimalist, colonial, retro or vintage among others. This is a very important step to be taken into consideration, as it will set the tone for every room in the house.

The main advantage of using Inkiostro Bianco’s wallpapers is that it can be applied on any surface and it is suitable for any space, taking your decoration to the next level.

Inkiostro Bianco’s vast graphic design portfolio pleases all tastes: it goes from classic to bold, always offering originality and high-quality materials.


Step 2: Wallpaper Materials

Now, it is time to move on and choose the best material for your project. We will present you the 4 main types of material we work with and its key features. Here are the 2019 background base trends: Vinyl, Gold Vinyl & Gold Leaf and Fiber Glass.


All Inkiostro Bianco’s designs are printable on vinyl paper. This material is made up by two layers: the front layer in vinyl, which is printable, and the back layer in TNT (non-woven fabric), providing high dimensional stability during installation and the drying procedure. They are super easy to install and possible to remove from the surface.

Gold Vinyl & Gold Leaf

Both vinyl wallpapers are embellished with a golden color. This is a great option to add value to exclusive and upscale spaces. They are both made up by two layers as well: the front one in vinyl and printable and the back one in TNT – basically the same features as regular Vinyl, mentioned right above. Two colors of the Leaf are available: the traditional Gold Leaf, in yellow gold and the Pink Gold, in rosé gold. Both are currently huge wallpaper trends.

Fiber Glass

EQ-Dekor is a structure of bidirectional fabric made of fiberglass, a material created especially for wet areas (especially bathrooms), providing more stability, efficiency, flexibility and resistance than traditional wallpaper.One of the most traditional Inkiostro’s styles that uses fiberglass material is the Industrial line, which presents backgrounds with texture or subtle patterns.

Step 3: High Resolution Design

Inkiostro Bianco provides a wide catalog of designs, colors, textures and patterns. You can also get a 100% tailored service, by picking an image/design of your preference in high resolution, as long as you have its rights of use.

Their custom wallpapers are printed to your specific measurements in order to perfectly fit your wall – flawless finishing guaranteed.

Inkiostro Bianco’s designs – whether you choose from their own catalog or pick an on-demand picture of your choice – are all printed in high resolution, which makes your room come alive, adding a true sense of reality. Every project is carried out with efficiency and attention for detail.

Thus, they make it possible to personalize any space, with designs that express creativity and style. The brand is renowned for bringing together art and technology, providing game-changing solutions in terms of decoration.

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